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NEWS- FAMILY HOUSES 2011: All of the projects of houses of low energy standard of with stronger load bearing structures which are resistant to extremes of nature – Resistant house. The project of the house of a 2020 year standard – Activ family house AKTIV 2020; produces more energy than it consumes, saves the environment. Selected projects of houses modified to passive family houses, 22 new projects of family houses designed according to demands of our clients.
The family houses are designed to be fitted on each type of building plot. Use our Selection of family house project and you will find your dream family house in a few minutes!The projects of “Bungalov houses” are one of the most favourite types of the family houses for several years. You can find 116 projects of Bungalov type houses in our offer of total number 378 family houses.

According to the consumption of energy, in our offer we have passive family houses,
low-energy projects of houses, economical and less economical projects of houses.We will set the selected family house on your plot and for your final building approval we will execute an Energy certificate for good price. You can obtain the execution project with free itemized budget and Report and assessment.

If the catalogue project of family house does not meet your needs, we will prepare the individual project of family house for you or we will include the demanded changes directly to the project of the house. If the modification is simple, we will issue for you a copyright agreement free of charge and while you wait. Free consultations with authors of family houses are sure thing. Join us and consult with us!

Thanks to feedback and service all over the Slovak Republic, we can offer you only high-quality projects of family houses at low price. The Euroline family houses have been among the best-selling family houses in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, already for 15 years. Choose too!

Rodinné domy Euroline - Vila 1752Rodinné domy Euroline - Bungalov 1772Rodinné domy Euroline - Bungalov 1775Rodinné domy Euroline - Vila 1754Rodinné domy Euroline - Vila 1753Rodinné domy Euroline - Trial 1701
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07.02.2011 /  CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY EN ISO 9001:2008
On January 18, 2011, the certification authority TÜV NORD CERT GmbH issued the certificate of quality according to EN ISO 9001:2008 for company EUROLINE Slovakia s.r.o., as the first one of related companies in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

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