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Intelligent houses

Intelligent houses

Intelligent houses

                            Intelligent houses

Intelligent house has so called intelligent electro installation, instead of the conventional, so it can control anything inside of the object, what is connected to the electricity.

In the intelligent house, there is possibility to control lightening, heating, cooling, shading, gates, windows, irrigation by the only system as well as it can control several other technologies so the running the house is more effective and technologies cooperate altogether.

The user gets several advantages by purchasing the project of intelligent house from Euroline:

Controlling the interior and exterior lighting system

  • Creating different types of lighting environments
  • Lighting in different automatic time regimes
  • Switching on and off depending on sunrise and sunset (garden, corridor, stairs...)
  • Switching off the lights when leaving the house
  • Possibility to control by buttons, mobile phone or computer

Controlling the shading technology (blinds, shutters, awnings)

  • Opening, closing or positioning of blinds
  • Controlling depending on sunrise and sunset or in in different time regimes
  • Controlling all blinds, group of blinds or individually
  • Turning down when leaving the house
  • Possibility to control by buttons, mobile phone or computer

Controlling the gate eventually the garage gate using buttons

Controlling sockets, appliances

  • Controlling in different time regimes or when coming home and leaving the house

Using the mechanic control buttons (by any manufacturer) – design of their layout

  • Controlling by the only button by the length of pressing the button (blinds – opening, closing or positioning)
  • Function to press the button several times (for example in order to set different types of lighting environments)

Connection to alarm, leaving button

  • Transition to safety mode of the whole house when leaving and back when coming home.

In projects of AKTIV class houses also controlling the Heat Recovery Ventilation system

Kits used in the project were specified for Belgian DOMINTELL system based on past experience with intelligent Installation and modules contained therein are among the most widely used. If the investor interested subsequent modification projects and expanding functions and control options is possible.

House price

Installing an intelligent system will require increased financial costs of approximately 1,3% až 4% compared to the price of house with traditional wiring.

Example: House OPTIMAL 1039 in the smart house version will be 3,5% more expensive, as in standard design with traditional wiring.

Surcharge (to the price of € 999 including VAT): € 350 with VAT (Deposit for the project: € 675 with VAT)

Delivery time: 4 weeks

Note: Smart house project – intelligent electro-installation - can be made in combination with any other types of homes (Low-energy and passive houses, etc.).

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