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New house category Smartline

New house category Smartline

New house category Smartline

                            New house category Smartline

Bungalov S - a completely new class of efficient houses with low cost of construction and housing

Our company operates in the market since 1995. During this period tens of thousands of houses were built according to our projects in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. After 2010 the second generation of consumers who grew up already in our family homes began to emerge and they defined new requirements for houses. Compared houses prior 20 years it is not a requirement today to have a duplex two-storey house with basement and double-garage, but the bungalow with no basement and no garage with shelter only. The size of two or three bedrooms, a real stand-up cost from mortgage ( ie price for Turnkey up to € 80,000 ) , but technically on much higher level than the houses were 20 years ago. SMARTLINE category of our houses use almost one fourth of energy, have almost zero CO2 fumes ,is heated by heat pumps and equipped with security systems , intelligent systems and control via the Internet , to which a new generation of our customers have close to.

Currently it is not a interest in hundreds of meters of usable area, which is necessary to heat and clean, but rather a ergonomic disposition with higher functional spaces connected with living space and the outside terraces, living green and often a pool for relax.

Based on YOUR requirements we have created a new class of Houses - SMARTLINE and in this catalog we prepared 11 of them.

Materials used in houses Smartline


  • Formed metal roofing
  • Wooden battens (hr. 40 mm)
  • Counter battens (hr. 50 mm)
  • High diffusive film
  • Rafter 100x200mm
  • Thermal insulation, mineral wool - between the rafters (hr. 200 mm)
  • Thermal insulation, mineral wool - on plasterboard grid (hr. 100 mm)
  • Plasterboard Anchors
  • Vapor-barrier
  • Plasterboard fireproof (hr. 15 mm)


  • External lime-cement plaster machine coated facade with acrylic color (alternatively, you can insulate the perimeter masonry with contact insulation system with expanded polystyrene of th. 100 mm)
  • POROTHERM Profi Ti 38 - th. 380 mm
  • Tinsmith products are prearranged for the insulation of the building


  • Floor
  • Waterproofing
  • Reinforced concrete slab (th. 200 mm) circumferentially

deepened and equipped against freezing with extruded polystyrene (th. 50 mm)

  • Extruded polystyrene (th. 50 mm)


  • Ceramic tiles cemented
  • Adhesive cement for tiles
  • Primer
  • RIGIDUR plasterboard 2x of th. 12.5 mm (25 mm th.)
  • Thermal insulation - extruded polystyrene two layers of 60 +60 mm (120 mm th.)
  • Separating layer - geotextiles
  • Waterproofing

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