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We suggest for you what you wish

We suggest for you what you wish

Individual design of single-family home

                            Individual design of single-family home

Do you have a clear picture of your single-family home and have not found anything similar in the catalogue? In this case, we can prepare for you an individual design of a house based on your specifications.

There are two stages involved in preparing an individual design: working out the plan and preparing the building’s design. The whole process lasts 3-6 months and depends on cooperation from the investor as well as the current designing engineer capacity at the moment in our Company.

It should be mentioned that the price of an individual design depends on design costs and may be several times greater than the price of a standard catalogued design. Due to the overall challenge of preparing an individual design, we recommend agreeing on a personal meeting with our Company’s design engineer at projekt@eurolineslovakia.sk.


We offer additional services to complement the resolution of individual specifications for design documentation either from the investor or the building commission. Services we offer include:


Geometric plan and laying out property boundaries

The geometric plan is a supporting document to be deposited and recorded in the Real Estate Registry. It is issued in three counterparts, authorized and notarized.

Examples of geometric plans:

  • subdividing property (construction)
  • restoring original parcel boundaries (supporting documents for restitution purposes, settling title
  • and inheritance)
  • subdividing real estate
  • surveying the new building for issue of a certificate of occupancy
  • adjusting the boundary between properties
  • determining title to real estate
  • surveying buildings under construction (to obtain a loan)
  • surveying structures on other properties
  • subdividing property types
  • easements (access rights, right of way (laying of utility networks)
  • exemption from agriculture and forest land rights
  • merging parcels

Laying out the property boundaries is a geodetic process to indicate new and original boundaries in the field. The demarcated boundaries are marked using boundary stones, plastic markers, steel tubes, stakes, steel spikes, etc. When conducting a field inspection, the firm supplies a layout drawing and printout for property demarcation.


A design for marking out a single-family house on the property must be supplied together with the single-family house design for the construction permit. The design should respect the applicable land use decision (if one was issued) for the building plot, but it should chiefly set the distance from neighboring properties. Because building parcels have their own individual dimensions, connections to utility networks and driveways, no marking out of a house on the property can be seen as standard. This part of the design is separate and different for each property and type of house. This design we can prepare upon request, or you can have it done by our sales representative where the property is located, who has the applicable license and does design work.

Design scope for marking out the house:

  • accompanying report
  • summary technical report
  • 1:200 scale overall positioning of the structure
  • design for connections to water and sewer systems, design for connections to gas and low voltage electricity.

To prepare a design for marking out a house on property, the following supports need to be submitted to the design engineer:

  • title deed
  • extract from the cadastral map
  • geodetic survey, planimetric survey and height survey in digital form (.dwg, .dxf), intended for legal purposes. This geometric plan includes utility networks, public water mains, gas and sewer mains (if they are located in the vicinity) and electricity networks if connection to the property is made in advance and this is contained in the geometric plan.
  • local regulatory or other type of documentation (if issued for the property)
  • connection of the house to utility networks
  • designing driveways and fencing
  • consideration of the suitability of basic authorized static ratios directly on the construction site
  • assurance of a land use decision
  • assurance of a construction permit

NOTE: Designs with changes, individual designs and additional services we do in Bratislava and the surrounding area. Outside this area, the above activities are done by our sales representatives.

For questions about Additional Services and a quote, contact projekt@eurolineslovakia.sk

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